Why Me?

So why should you hire me?

I’m dependable.

I meet deadlines. Every time. I don’t procrastinate. I plan and work ahead. Your project is always a priority.

I’m available.

I respond to email. I communicate progress and maintain open lines of communication throughout the entire course of a project.

I’m thorough.

I strive to exceed your expectations. I conduct outside research where necessary and clarify project expectations. I was the overachiever throughout my formal education and maintain that identity in my career. I work hard and and want to do a good job to please my clients. This matters to me.

I’m reasonable.

I offer fair rates and always offer my clients the best value for my work. All rates are outlined upfront and either an exact price or price range is offered based on the project. I never stray from this agreement (even if it means I have to work for less than I anticipated). The only exception is if there is a mutually agreed-upon change in the amount of work needed.